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My full-time job does not directly involve website development but instead requires I maintain a high level of expertise in web design best practice. Throughout 2004 to 2006 I utilised this web design expertise to run the advanced website design evening course at Alton College.

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of me producing a website for you, please contact me.

In 2007 I produced a new site for Migraine in Primary Care Advisors. This site is constructed in strict XHTML and uses pure CSS to display a layout with a fresh and modern look. The site also has an extensive Moodle section, named ‘MIPCA Learn’ where healthcare professionals can study materials then complete the MCQs, which are scored automatically. People achieving an acceptable standard are able to download a certificate which they can use in their annual appraisals to demonstrate professional development. This system is publicly available and anyone can register for an account.
screenshot of MIPCA website

In 2008 I produced a site for the Surrey Headache Service
screenshot of Surrey Headache Service website

Other examples of my website design are the Design Guidelines for Effective E-Learning Materials final project site I created for my MA in 2003:
screenshot of Design Guidelines for Effective E-Learning Materials website

and the SynchroniCity knowledge base for an MA project in 2001:
screenshot of Design Guidelines for Effective E-Learning Materials website

and a collection of my earlier photographs (1988–91) from a previous version of this website:
photo gallery

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